I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Wow! What A Summer!

Mid August already, lows of 15, highs of 25 during the past month and a half is what we’ve had, and I’m loving it! Cool nights, warm days. A/C off, windows wide open. Great temps for running too. My perfect summer!


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Boy Wonder’s Been Bustin’ My Balls ‘Bout His Homemade Hot Sauce Birthday Present!

… ok, that’s COMPLETE BULLSHIT!! Just like the flow/sound of it is all, lol. He texted earlier asking my thoughts, had to fess up I hadn’t tried it, Had to fess further I was a teeny-tiny bit scared to try, lol. Looks like those ultra hot sauces from the Islands I told him – but promised him I’d crack open the mini-mason jar and give it my best Trinidadian whirl when I got home.

… ok again, yep, it’s Hotter Than Hell … but I love it, and I love the effort/thought. What a beautiful birthday present … now excuse me as I rub my watering eyes and wipe my runny nose …

Homemade w/ Love …


Served w/ roasted garlic, black bean tortillas …