I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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all the friends are gone you thought were so worth keeping

you feel you don’t belong
and you don’t know why

if you think that everything’s unfair
would you care if you’re the last one standing there

and every time you hear the rolling thunder
you turn around before the lightning strikes
and does it ever make you stop and wonder
if all your good times pass you by

I don’t hold no mystery
but I can show you how to turn the key
all I know is where I started
so downhearted
and that’s not where you want to be

good is good and bad is bad

when the day is done
and the world is sleeping
and the moon is on its way to shine
all your friends are gone
you thought were so worth keeping
you feel you don’t belong
neither do I

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Big Ass Egg White Frittata!!

… we don’t even buys egg anymore – egg whites only. Same for milk (dairy) – almond, or coconut (unsweetened) only. WOW, talk about a change in lifestyle. Honestly, can’t remember everything that ended up in my gorgeous frittata – lots of fresh veggies … I see organic vine ripened cherry tomatoes (sliced in half) on top – along with a heaping helping of fresh garden herbs. I know I used leftover meat, Tiff K’s sublimely spiced minced turkey concoction we had for our nacho dinner the day before. Cheese too … I think a few slices of Jarlsberg I had on hand … maybe a few remaining slices of turkey breast too. Nothin’ gets wasted here folks! As y’all know, I’m the king of usin’ ‘n utilizin’ leftovers, the king of changin’ it up … creating new meals! Completely, new and different dinners with what’s on hand! Anyways, enough talking – a few pics. Enjoy!

hot outta the oven


outta the frying pan, onto the cutting board


the closeup


my frittata wedge w/ toasted marble rye