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WP – WTF?!?!

… seriously WordPress, what the fuck??!! You know, I don’t ask much. I never complain … BUT … I can’t help noticing during the past three months I became a runner, and started blogging under RUNNING as a categories option, you RARELY have my blogposts showing under said category?! Cunts! Pricks! AND, not sure if it’s connected (really haven’t delved that deeply), just seems to me, I ain’t getting the traffic I used to get for all my other blogposts either (not that I give a rat’s ass ’bout that), just while I’m calling ya out on one thing, figured, I might as well call ya out on the other. Ya following?!?! Good! Fix it!! I did say cunts, pricks right?!?! Grrrr!!

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I AM The Running Man!!

It’s not a tumour … apologies Arnold (twice, lol). Just chuffed as fuck with my back to back 8K record runs! Went out running this morning without any thoughts/expectations/goals, knew I was moving well/comfortably … and at the 25 minute audio cue, I suddenly became highly motivated – I think I was EXACTLY where I was for yesterday’s record run … but I also knew I was about to better it! Today, with under 3 kilometers to run, I felt much stronger than during yesterday’s run … and while I was so proud of yesterday’s 35 minute audio cue – 7.78 kilometers … today, I was filled with anticipation (and giddiness, lol) as I neared my marker, listening intently for it in my earbuds … 7.83 kilometers …170 meters more, 24 hours later – a new 8K PR … HOLLA Y’ALL!! :mrgreen:

13 seconds faster. Sweet!


final 4K – 17:42. Sick!