I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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two minutes fifty-five seconds!

… timed my trip on the ferry to the islands this morning. was on a retrieval run (was in the queue till the fourth crossing). coming back was a breeze… me and one lonely little car, lol. apparently, nobody wants to leave that time of day… can’t blame ’em!

pics from today…




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Wow! What A Summer!

Mid August already, lows of 15, highs of 25 during the past month and a half is what we’ve had, and I’m loving it! Cool nights, warm days. A/C off, windows wide open. Great temps for running too. My perfect summer!

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Spring & Summer Staples

Warm weather means BBQ season’s back. Not a moment too soon, winter was long … and nasty. And with hotdogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, etc., set to sizzle, the time for replenishing supplies is prime … talkin’ ’bout the essentials … A1 Steak Sauce, Heinz 57 Sauce, Cheez Whiz, and Kraft Singles … yep, I’m good to grill!! 😎






I’m a self-critical glutton!!

Honestly don’t know why I do this to myself? Subjecting myself to my over-the-top-analysis – maybe we all do it, I dunno?! Always feel I look like shit in pics (but please … feel free to disagree, lol) … the fuck’s up with the hair, lol?! And am only posting now because I didn’t earlier in my previous post … ooops, my lazy-ass bad. Btw … hello September, goodbye summer … happy Labour Day week-end y’all!! 🙂

Photo (unedited) courtesy: Tiffany K



… my favourite month!! If there’s such a thing picking one over the other eleven. It’s perfect, it’s sublime … typically the hottest month + it goes the distance in duration, giving us 31 glorious days, the most allotted in a month (’cause that’s the way we’ve been keeping track of things/time for hundreds of years on this tiny speck of interstellar dust I call home, lol) of sun, fun, beer, beach, bikinis, BBQ and beer (oops, ya caught me double-dipping, lol). June is good, but a wee bit early AND plenty unpredictable … and August is good as well, till you near the end and slowly start feeling summer slipping away. But not my July … it starts with a BANG right outta the gate – Happy Birthday CanadaWOOHOO!!  And before the celebrations have a chance to subside … BANG again – Independence Day to my neighbours south … Happy 4th y’all!! Four days in and it’s been non-stop partying … and 10 days later let’s raise a glass of champagne and toast Bastille Day, and if you weren’t aware and didn’t commemorate the occasion, well mon ami now you do (know) … and I HOPE you do (celebrate) … commemorate away, lol!! July has always been a month long celebration for me, SO many school friend’s birthdays … I still recall a few names and the days … Diana-13, Garry-14, Randy-15, Chris-17 … and mine thrown somewhere into the mix, just ain’t sayin’ when (and we all shared the same birth year making it even more special) … and through the years many new friends have joined, too many to name. July has always been a month long celebration for me (and can pinpoint it further, specifically the middle of the month … from the 10th – 20th). A few other tidbits …this year’s Wimbledon famed fortnight concludes on the 8th, and the opening ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics are on the 27th (the excitement never ends, lol). And who could forget the boys of summer? Not I. Always look forward to the home run derby, the All-Star Game (July 10), the family atmosphere/festivities. And last but not least, this year I have a personal celebration falling on the 30th … zees lips are zipped, lol!! What a way to finish!!

I know I’m posting prematurely … wanna give a couple days lead in, allowing it to marinate …

Uhmmm? Probably forgetting a few important days/occasions … can always comment later if I remember. Better yet  … anyone think of anything I’ve omitted (y’all have fingers and a keyboard … least I hope ya do, lol) … chime in!! 😉