I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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HOLY cat and mouse Regina!!

I JUST called using my pseudonym and spoke w/ you, in yet another of my famous recon missions gleaning/gathering information!!!! An hour later, you’re walking into my unwatched, unguarded … and UNLOCKED door-wide-open-home (in my weak-ass defense – I did see you, but it was too late to react – best compose/prepare myself I thought) introducing yourself? Yeah, my preparation meant NOW disguising my voice … which I never thought I’d ever have to disguise, since I figured I’d NEVER again be speaking, let alone seeing you, lol! Who’s the super-spy? Game on Regina!

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… and so it begins!

Exactly what I wanted/expected! I almost stopped a million times, but I didn’t … I pushed. I wanted my 8K, I got my 8K. Considering it’s my 1st run of the season, and that I’m about 8 pounds away from optimum running weight, AND, that it’s still mucky, so much debris from the ice-storm littering the sidewalks – felt more like a mud run than anything, lol … I’m very pleased! Yep, right where I wanna be …


… now off to watch the game … GO Spartans

Memphis v Michigan State

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Had as much fun chanting this from the comfort of my couch, as the lucky throngs in the Rogers Centre who watched the Jays extend their MLB leading win streak to nine … and they’re going for 10 wins in a row in a matter of hours … early Saturday matinee – gotta love baseball – Go Jays Go … KA-WA-SA-KI!!


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Bruins, Blackhawks, Red Wings

Half of the six … the Original Six … all three teams are still alive in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. And, it got me thinking; those are some BADASS team names (badass teams too) … AND killer team logos to boot … sports teams nowadays suck with their lame-names, lamer logos. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

Big Bad Bruins






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Did you see that Michigan game?!?!

OMG, I still can’t believe it … was waiting all game, yelling at the TV, willing my Michigan to do something. Nothing! Were trailing Kansas all game … 14 points late in the game behind … 5 points with 21 seconds left to play behind … and yet, they did it … Big10 time did it. What a comeback, what a game, somebody pinch me, lol!!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Michigan vs Kansas

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wreaking havoc on the brackets

Everybody loves an upset, an underdog … and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament offers them in spades, year after year, but never in its history has a 15th seed reached the Sweet Sixteen … till the flyin’ high FGCU Eagles showed up at the dance, and something tells me they’ll be plenty more bandwagon Florida Dunk Coast fans rooting for them Friday, when number 3 seed Florida gets welcomed to Dunk City


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Recipe for Disaster

Watched the show last night – 1st time ever – certainly not willingly, but with no necessary arm-twisting. Know very little about it to be honest with you. But I do know that yesterday’s televised winner was to have his or her product available in stores this morning – in ALL Loblaws stores … and let me tell you folks – that’s a shitload of stores!! And I didn’t go shopping this morning, I went this afternoon and as you can see from the picture below, the set aside area and ready to go bunker was empty. The store manager took time to investigate and respond to my query. He was very kind, polite and understanding of my frustration (unlike the many indifferent employees of this company – pretty sure I blogged about their clock in – clock out & pick-up a paycheque lackadaisical work ethic before), hell … I could tell he was none too happy as well. And I was one step ahead of him when he mentioned that if their shipment hadn’t arrived, chances are all stores were in the same (sinking) boat. Poor Galen – you must feel like you’ve been kicked in the gonads with this public relations gaffe!! Oh, and since I have your ear … your decision to discontinue PC Memories of Lyon still has me scratching my head … you pissed off MANY 4 peppercorn sauce loving customers. I’m sure it was one of the top selling Memories brand items you’ve ever sold?! Take some advice from a guy who knows a thing or two about more than just one or two things … and bring it back pronto – no questions asked … don’t let Dave Nichol have the last laugh, ’cause trust me I know he’s rolling in the (your empty) aisles and howling now!! 😆

can’t say I didn’t try Tiffany K

gone but not forgotten – you’re in steak heaven now ole friend … RIP

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My KenKen Zen

LOVE this!! And this particular game (version) with rows of nine/a grid of eighty one  … it’s the toughest, the most challenging – KenKen putting its best to the test (honestly, because it’s so mentally demanding, find it so relaxing and peaceful (weird, eh?!) … ZenBaby, lol) as it were. I still remember being introduced to it at Shouldice, grabbing a complimentary copy of The Globe And Mail and finding myself intrigued by this new puzzle, and feeling cocky (yeah yeah yeah, lol) as I began playing while awaiting my turn with the good doctor … almost 30 minutes elapsed, and still was stumped … then it suddenly started falling into place … and at that time the Dr. came out and called my name … and quickly did a one-eighty, expecting me to be following right behind. Nope, not a fucking chance. Didn’t flinch – remained seated … needed 20 more seconds to complete my first attempt at KenKen – wasn’t about to quit/give in then … hernia be damned, lol!! And, I’ve never looked back … before that day, Sudoku was my game … find KenKen much more tantalizing. Completion can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to a few days (I never devote more than half an hour at a sitting btw). Love logic – love keeping my brain sharp … but not my pencil, ALWAYS play in pen. Inked, no 2nd chances here folks!!

2 recent games (victorious – go ahead, check … PLEASE, lol) …

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