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Canada’s Shining Moment!!

Everywhere you looked around today, anyone you spoke with … the anticipation was palpable, the vibe was in the air. No other Olympic Medal won to date for Canada in the 2014 Sochi Olympics would mean more to us as a nation than winning the Gold Medal in today’s women’s Ice Hockey Final. Think about that for a moment. Down 2-0 with three minutes and a half remaining in women’s hockey greatest rivalry, things looked bleak … silver bleak. A minute later, USA’s lead is cut in half, and our hopes quadrupled. We’re back in it … for now. Now, what happened next, for as long as I live, I’ll never forget this. With our goalie pulled, looking for the tying goal, … the linesman bodychecks the Canadian defenseman at the blueline … not only taking away an easy dump in, keeping the pressure on for Canada … but instead, giving an empty net freebie shot for the Americans … and after those few agonizing seconds …watching the puck nearing the empty net,  watching slow motion-ish as it appears to be going in … it hits the post, almost miracously!! OMG, losing the game that way woulda been a travesty! We kept fighting, came back and scored forcing overtime … and then won Gold in glorious sudden death overtime fashion! Greatest game EVER … way to go girls … you done us proud!!


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“you are something else” – Rose

Thanks sweet cashier lady, lol. Said these exact words to me as we were discussing a penny-free Canada (this being my first first-hand experience) as I was making a purchase earlier this morning. The store’s cash registers weren’t adjusted to compensate for its transa¢tion elimination yet, meanwhile I was fully prepared to round up my $8.68 purchase to $8.70 had I been paying cash (debit/credit purchases remain unaffected), intimating to her I’d have willingly done so … that’s when she threw down the compliment, and continued saying, others would, and still will … “quarrel for a penny” … hey, another beautiful Rose quote, lol!! 😎

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Anchors Away!!

Heard about this early in the a.m. … sadly wasn’t early enough – was a little too late for me switching shit around … and believe me, even with such short notice I tried my best wing-swinging-it, wanting to be one of the first lucky Canucks inhalin’ Anchor Bar wings not from Frank & Teressa’s original Buffalo landmark, but from the grand spankin’ new one (1st franchise in Canada) opening north of the border in Steeltown today at high noon, smack-dab downtown in Jackson Square. Happy days in the Hammer y’all … I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around …yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson!!

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Canada’s climate change

Snapped this January 13 while out Sunday driving. Best I could do under the circumstances, keeping hands on the wheel, eyes on the road … it’s a VW convertible with the top down in the dead of winter. The day before we hit 15° C setting a record. It even felt warmer, was a beautiful, bright, sunny day … today was pretty much the same in the temp. dept. … sans the extra warmth of the sun. Old man winter, gotta love him!! 😎


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Sohail!! Thanks Motherfucker … Again!!

Blogged ’bout ya and yer friendship before. Yep, you bet … bloggin’ again … good friends are hard to come by. Half a world away, travelling with your family, attending a wedding, visiting family and friends … AND yet you still find time to call (as promised btw), just too bad it wasn’t the following day … you woulda called me a year away as well … “hello 2012, it’s 2013 calling”, lol!! AND on top of that (if that wasn’t enough, and believe me, it was … MORE than enough) you come back home to Canada with a beautiful present for yours truly, a well thought-out gift … BIG BIG thanks to your lovely wife Farah for picking it out, choosing the colour … I fucking LOVE IT!! And Sohail, please don’t hesitate taking me up on my offer personally thanking her as I suggested (I’d post her pic showing appreciation …only have vids though, lol). Down boy, lol. Thanks guys, much love!!

what’s in yer wallet?


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influenza vaccinated

… finally. And btw, that’s the flu shot to y’all belonging to the Simpleton family. My doc was always booked, repeated calls seeking slipping in ‘ncase of cancelled appointments proved fruitless. Had no choice but to go to my local Rexall and let the pharmacist needle me. That’s right, in Ontario select pharmacies are now allowed to give flu shots … no appointment, any day … all the time. Simply walk in, hand over your Health Card, fill out the taking one minute of your time yes/no questionnaire and you’re good to go … oh and to non-Canadian readers of my blog … it’s FREE … the hardest part (most upsetting part I should say) was removing my sweater providing an easy upper arm target … meanwhile messing my coiffe … 😮

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love falling back

… gaining an hour. Wish we could keep doing that every day, lol. Always so much controversy regarding Daylight saving time … people love it, people hate it. Some countries use DST, some don’t. Canada does, but not the entire country … Saskatchewan doesn’t … neither does British Columbia’s Peace Region. I know, very confusing, lol. Don’t know what the perfect system is, don’t really give a shit either … all I know is that I love waking up with an extra hour’s worth of sleep in the tank!!