I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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that’s a shite-load of chili!

… my le creuset says so! my oh-so-byoot-ah-ful-ova-flowin le creuset, says so! one of my fave meals ever, so versatile! today am KISS, and goin’ classic.. goin’ old school basic!

pics don’t even begin to do it justice! flew solo today too… tiff missed the chili boat! she was busy serving/eating baba ganoush eggs benny bunny… baby!

… can you spell/smell leftovers, y’all?




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chili strozzapreti… & my shite life!

… trying to juggle so much crap, and now crap from over a year ago hit the danfan today. so much on my plate, trying my best to deal w/it all. hardly have any free time during my workday squeezing in the phone calls quelling the barrage! not all was bad, thanks seema for the call… much appreciated!

as promised; the aforementioned chili strozzapreti… w/grilled naan, & creemore!


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chili chouriço

I’m the culinary king of adapting, if I do humbly say so myself!! Ok, maybe king of making shit up on the fly, but king nonetheless! So when my Portuguese lady friend Lina recently offered some of her home made chouriço (she smokes the shit herself in her backyard smoker too, y’all), I knew exactly how to put it to good use!! Make my SuperBowl chili as per usual, then slice&toss these badboys into the mix for that extra oomph!! And, with temps reaching minus 25 in these here parts, nothing beats a hot bowl of chili w/ grated Jack and a dollop of sour cream, along w/ plenty of crusty peasant bread (along w/ plenty of beer of course *wink wink*) on a cold Canadian wintry day!!





baked chili

… my favourite dish/way of utilizing leftover chili (especially on a cold, blustery, wintry day) … well, maybe not … LOVE chili dogs too … chili cheese fries, spaghetti chilignese (just made that shit up, so don’t be pilfering … at least give credit where it’s due if ya do) are motherfucking awesome as well … shit, now I’m confused/over-thinking it, lol. This was day five of the chili (still have enough for day six, AND I did freeze some, so I can enjoy those chili dogs for a quick meal). In my Le Creuset stoneware I layered basmati rice (leftover too, of course … be sure to add extra water/liquid as it tends to greedily sop up moisture) and an equal layer of the chili, with a generous layer of cheddar topping it all. Bake it hot and long to really get the cheese bubbling, and with blackened little crispy bits beginning to form around the edge … this means you’re done. A couple of pics y’all. Know it’s hard to visualize (individual) portion-wise, but trust me they’re perfect … served in my newly and proudly purchased terra-cotta chili/soup bowls handmade in Portugal. Sliced & spatula-ed, sour creamed & served … alongside a FROSTY (today at least, lol) tall cool one … lighten up baby I’m in love with you!!