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meat, cheese, bread!!

… what else is there, lol? Absolutely LOVE putting together a simple platter like this. Admittedly, it’s a basic one compared to my other efforts … but it was only the two of us, and there was plenty of food … plus I don’t need to always impress the hellouttaya … for a last minute, quickie-throw-together-thingie, it worked out great. That’s my fave focaccia again, Jarlsberg, extra old Cheddar, salami, another salami, ham … but what really got me excited was the new speck available at my Highland Farms. My receipt in shorthand form referred to it as H/TYROL SCHINKENSPECK SMKD … it’s Austrian, it’s smoked … and it’s FANTASTIC … 3pics y’all, enjoy!!




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enjoying the bounty

… from yesterday’s Junction Farmers Market venture (… and today’s Highland Farms trip)!! Love, LOVE serving/eating food this way … family style … whenever possible. Doesn’t matter if it’s only Tiffany K and I or the whole gang … nothing beats plating the food (and drink, lol … and allowing everyone to enjoy each other’s company), letting people serve themselves at their own pace, everyone relaxed and not rushing – eating a bit at time, invariably going back for more, and more … and more, lol. Sitting/standing … eating/drinking … talking/laughing ( … AND with music playing in the background, at the perfect volume of course – only takes a second of deathly silence to suck the life outta ANY party, lol) … such a fun, festive, social setting don’t ya think?!

Heirlooms, burrata/bocconcini, Acropolis, Maldon & Dark Opal basil …

Pyramid’s succulent sauerkraut heaped on razor thin sliced Ace’s bread …

… btw y’all, shit IS the bomb … fareal!!

Carrafa crushed olives …

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Jarlsberg on the cheap!!

Couldn’t believe this while perusing my Highland Farms online flyer … Jarlsberg Cheese half price … $7.99/lb ($17.61/kg)!! Don’t know where you’re from and what y’all normally pay for it … $16/lb is the going rate in these parts … sometimes on sale for ten bucks if you’re lucky, and only if you know and are able to score it that is (lowest price I’ve ever seen btw), AND that’s only precut prepackaged wedges with the skin/rind on … this was available anyway you wanted it sliced (LOL, sorry for the cheesy pun … and again, ooops, lol). It’s one of my favourite go to cheeses, its flavour, texture is distinct … not overpowering, but not too mild either … love it in sandwiches, on crackers … great for any and many uses. And being a long time loyal, friendly, beloved Highland Farms customer … my cheese lady friend sliced off the throwaway bits before weighing & pricing saving me more money (scaled and priced with the rind was almost $45 – with it cut and discarded about $41 – saved $4), AND she vacuum sealed the whole deal for me (a service NOT offered I was told … looks like I AM special, lol). Oh, this was my second trip too … went first day during their one week sale and spent about $25 on smaller pieces … good thing I went back again midway through the week, CLF says they’re almost sold out, only a few wheels remaining … and she’s not sure if they’ll be restocking (or if they’ll give raincheques) before the sale ends … oh well, I got mine, lol!!

Beautiful display …


My handbasket, almost 6 lb – $41 worth (deuces are wild, lol) …

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chicken ‘n mortadella

Still working on (stretching and stretching AND modifying/reinventing) my grilled chicken breast from the weekend … yep, leftovers again. Quick in and out at my Highland Farms and I was good to go. Initially wanted bacon along with my chicken … but I’ve done that a gazillion times, and seeing mortadella on sale for $2.99/lb suddenly began thinking economically as well as inspirationally … and you know what? It worked! I’ve never seen this combo before, and a little part of me would like to think I invented the damn thing. Picked up some Portuguese rolls, creamy havarti, heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, and Mrs. Whyte’s kosher pickles. Using my heavy duty (really … I mean HEAVY) Molto Mario grill pan, I panini pressed these beauties!!

These are THE best (take my word, they’re very good) …

The lid looks like it’s floating – sandwiches were SO thick …

And voilà … plated …