I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


bitchn’ kitchn’ improv skills!

no bowl, no problem!

always had a knack making shite up as i go!

saved, and sliced an oj container makin’ a makeshift bowl. bob’s my uncle!

fridge/freezer clearing out process before the big move is today’s meal!

sausages grilled, then tossed my mario batali grill pan. thang was heavy as fuck!

PLUS… w/today’s returns, made a whole nineteen dollars and four cents… holla!

3 year old balderson/hot banana peppers omelette, grilled sausages, seasoned wedges!

damn straight… i’m def kitchn’ bitchn’!!







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oven roasted turkey panini

… a quickie post, a few pics y’all. Thinly sliced oven roasted turkey, havarti, Boston lettuce, hothouse tomatoes, low-fat mayo and my favourite Yukon Gold potato bread. Used my Mario Batali grill pan, and made a quickie cambozola dressing for the sweet potato fries – oh, and that’s Maldon sea salt flakes too. Enjoy!!

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chicken ‘n mortadella

Still working on (stretching and stretching AND modifying/reinventing) my grilled chicken breast from the weekend … yep, leftovers again. Quick in and out at my Highland Farms and I was good to go. Initially wanted bacon along with my chicken … but I’ve done that a gazillion times, and seeing mortadella on sale for $2.99/lb suddenly began thinking economically as well as inspirationally … and you know what? It worked! I’ve never seen this combo before, and a little part of me would like to think I invented the damn thing. Picked up some Portuguese rolls, creamy havarti, heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, and Mrs. Whyte’s kosher pickles. Using my heavy duty (really … I mean HEAVY) Molto Mario grill pan, I panini pressed these beauties!!

These are THE best (take my word, they’re very good) …

The lid looks like it’s floating – sandwiches were SO thick …

And voilà … plated …