I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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sloppy saucy sang!

roasted orange & yellow peppers! cremini ‘shrooms too!

two kindsa cheese (swiss emmentaler, romano lupa)!

… uhm, yep!






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rustic… again!

rapini & capicollo pizza! nice slice guys…


and, the obligatory loaded veal sammie…


… best italian bakery! yep!

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roast beef w/ ooey-gooey provolone on rye!!

… toasted rye! Along w/ caramelized sweet onions & sautéed mushrooms too … and served w/ sweet potato fries. Dinner! YUMMOTHEREFF-O!



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this post title has no title!! leftovers? leftovers again? tired of the same old same old blog post I mean … not the leftovers, lol!!

… I’m plum outta posts … perhaps that shoulda been the title, lol?! Anyways, you guessed it, leftovers … frozen and defrosted leftovers … this is the third and final day of my killer balls. My turkey meatballs that first started rolling Christmas Eve. Comfort food on a cold day … open faced sammy on a toasted ciabatta roll with roasted creminis, caramelized onions, hot banana peppers, and bubbling provolone after a moment under the Sally

two for the price of one


yummo closeup


digging in


have steak knife will travel


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on an avocado roll

my latest helping-my-sorry-old-ass-body kick that I’m on. loaded with lots of the good stuff. a quickie google search, and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout Willis!! today I made sammies on Italian rolls; leftover chicken, red onions, hothouse tomatoes, havarti … and my new superfood friend, the avocado. reheated rice and potatoes (more leftovers – waste not want not) served on the side and bob’s yerfuckin uncle. a coupla pics y’all. :mrgreen:

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oven roasted turkey panini

… a quickie post, a few pics y’all. Thinly sliced oven roasted turkey, havarti, Boston lettuce, hothouse tomatoes, low-fat mayo and my favourite Yukon Gold potato bread. Used my Mario Batali grill pan, and made a quickie cambozola dressing for the sweet potato fries – oh, and that’s Maldon sea salt flakes too. Enjoy!!