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grandiose sang gratis!!

thanks rashers! thanks rupan! was a last minute take-out call, kinda my quick decision resort of sorts. had no idea you were already closed. but, you offering to make me a sandwich even though being closed really touched me. yer a good man rupan, thank you for doing this for me! and, thanks for the freebie (i really appreciate that)! well, i did run as fast as i could, all the while was still in disbelief (didn’t know if i was running for the great eats, or wanting to get there before he changed his mind)! two kinds of pork, curried taters, pickled red onions, and cilantro, on a toasted bun! the proverbial pics y’all… gratis!








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Sunday Brekkie!!

… at 4 o’clock! my weekend brekkie is my first meal of the day; i make no apologies! oven roasted turkey, havarti, cremini ‘shrooms, omelette. bacon w/ blackened rösti hash browns… 12 grain toast too!! today, life is GOOD!!



my perfect omelette obsession!

… I’ve had it for years. It’s an ongoing, anal thing of mine, lol! Starts w/ the best ingredients! I’m partial to mushroom and cheese for fillings … cremini, and anything Swiss is my absolute favourite (and fresh thyme from my garden too – sadly, am still weeks away)! AND, don’t compromise; you MUST use the best/freshest eggs you can get! Whole Foods always fits the bill. Here’s my haul y’all!

Brown Eggs from Hens on Green Grass




organic cremini mushrooms


cave aged Gruyere


hey, don’t forget buying the best bacon


proof of my omelette obsession; a new pan purchase – Zwilling! Zweet!!


will post omelette pics later if photo worthy. if not remiss to snap some I mean, lol!

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more Union dues

… brunch at UNION Restaurant. Again. Great Toronto joint (on the Ossington strip). Great brunch. Again. Sorry, lazy-ass blog today. Blah.

blueberry pancakes w/bacon & maple syrup;


sausage, beans and corned beef;


BBQ ribs eggs benny;


mushroom & fontina frittata (X2);


the bill -$175 w/tip;


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chicken ‘n mortadella

Still working on (stretching and stretching AND modifying/reinventing) my grilled chicken breast from the weekend … yep, leftovers again. Quick in and out at my Highland Farms and I was good to go. Initially wanted bacon along with my chicken … but I’ve done that a gazillion times, and seeing mortadella on sale for $2.99/lb suddenly began thinking economically as well as inspirationally … and you know what? It worked! I’ve never seen this combo before, and a little part of me would like to think I invented the damn thing. Picked up some Portuguese rolls, creamy havarti, heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, and Mrs. Whyte’s kosher pickles. Using my heavy duty (really … I mean HEAVY) Molto Mario grill pan, I panini pressed these beauties!!

These are THE best (take my word, they’re very good) …

The lid looks like it’s floating – sandwiches were SO thick …

And voilà … plated …

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grilled chicken club

Leftover grilled chicken à la pulled pork, thinly sliced ham, cheese, onions, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce – the most underrated lettuce in my opinion, often overlooked for its simplicity … love the contrasting cool crispness it imparts, and mayo. Oh, and on toasted white bread, I know eh, lol?! Also, wanted to try it with 2 completely different cheeses so I made one with Muenster, the other with Cambozola … both were VERY good, though I think I’d give the nod to the Muenster sammie … but if I used bacon in place of the ham, I’d go blue since I love that combo!! A couple of pics, enjoy …