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hot & humid hump day run!!

… felt like 32°, actually was that hot/muggy throughout the night, we didn’t get any relief. At that point breathing becomes increasing difficult, let alone running. But off I went, and you know at times when you start your run, you’re still unsure how you feel? Today was one of those days. I felt OK after 5 minutes, and pushed hard during the next 5 minutes … it was after my 10 minute distance cue, I knew I felt strong, and that I’d try hard for a fast 4K time. And I did well! My second fastest time ever, missed my PR by 13 seconds … a sub eighteen minute clocking … also, I achieved a PR for min/km pace – 4:16 … AND, each successive kilometer was faster … I quickened my pace from start to finish. All in all, a solid run, a positive run! Oh, plus my run home – my second 4K was no slouch either, was a good run as well!

17:58 – considering the conditions; quite pleased



fast, faster, even faster, fastest


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Paula Dean Def Ain’t Doin’ No Better!!

… especially now, lol! Ok ok, joking … so lighten up!

… well, at least not healthier … that’s for motherfucking sure!!

Organic quinoa salad w/ chick peas, yellow bell pepper, tossed w/ a quick as you please whisked freshly squeezed lemon & minced garlic dressing


Blackened Steelhead trout w/ fresh garden herbs & grilled red onion


AND blackened skin, blackened skin y’all! Much to delicate to attempt flippin’ on the grill. Cook on indirect high heat, and when you see it start to ooze its juices, that’s your cue – have your fish spatula at the ready … nothing worse than overcooked fish!

“overcooked fish is a sin” – danistrulytheman 

… now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout


… something tells me this’ll even be better tomorrow served cold straight from the fridge – LOVE that!!