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Redrum Redrum! I Effing Murdered Today’s Run!

A few thoughts, a few numbers. I obliterated my previous 8K record by a whopping 1 minute & 12 seconds. That’s a HUGE improvement! I think because I’m usually trying for a great halfway split (4K), or a fast 10K time, neglecting running as hard as I can trying to improve on my 8K time … but today I did. Maybe it has something to do with my Saturday runs, lately they’ve all been PR’s. Funny, it wasn’t till later (at home, after my shower) that I thought to myself I could have annihilated my previous 10K PR as well (sub 46 minutes was def attainable), but like I said, I can only attempt one record at a time, and I’m happy I accomplished this one. I was at 4K in 17:50 (only 5 seconds slower than my fastest time), and I finished (the second 4K) in 18:37 – a very fast time in itself. And, I’ve never run (or timed) a 5K race … but adding my first five kilometers totals 22:26 … for those who have finished a 5K run, lemme know what you think – please (and thanks)!

I think was really amazes me, is my continual improvement. Whenever I achieve a new benchmark, I say to myself, “that’s it, that’s the best I can do” … and I mean it, but you know what? It never is, I eventually do better, and it seems like leaps and bounds better!

Also, I should provide a bit of background. I’ve never been a runner. I’ve never considered myself a runner. I’m a 50 year old dude who recently decided to take up running. I’ve also started to become smarter about what I put into my body – I’m talking healthier eats, if it’s beneficial – I’m eating/drinking it! Uhm, I know my body weight, my BMI (21.8) has worked in my favour (oh, and that’s another story … that was through hard work as well), perhaps providing me with a bit of a head-start. Also, my youthful athletic prowess shouldn’t be discounted, despite the great distance separating the what was, and what is, I still know the most important part of what makes a top athlete is … NEVER SAY QUIT … above and beyond everything else, THIS is it! And it’s still a part of me, who I am … Intestinal Fortitude y’all!! But, I’m curious, and for those runners who may read this, REAL runners (hardcore runners) … I would love any thoughts/insight/opinions you may have on my progression/my accomplishments to date … and on anything I should/need to do to keep advancing further … muchas gracias!

thirty six thirty …


quick splits …


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Today’s Run!!

Saturday, June 15! As I’ve posted before, my 8K run is a circuitous route, and the halfway point falls beautifully (and perfectly) at a center of sorts. Don’t want to be too descriptive, divulging anything … there’s many community activities/events held here throughout the year … and Saturday morning during the summer months, it’s bustling. Today, I knew beforehand (least, it’s what I planned, sometimes my body doesn’t co-operate – tells me differently), I was going to run hard for 4K and hopefully set a solid time, then stop, walk around, see what was going on … taking pics of today’s fun. There was obstacle courses/races being set-up for little kids to participate. Later on, there was a FREE BBQ planned … like I said, very strong community minded participation indeed. What I didn’t realize (at first anyways – halfway through, I knew I was onto a great time) was that I would stop the RunKeeper clock in 18:18 … my fastest 4K split EVER! And afterwards on the second half of my run, I was planning on taking it relatively easy, was hoping to be home in 20 minutes … but after my first one kilometer interval, was extremely surprised that I was running faster than I thought (my audio cue had me at a whopping 1.08 kilometers after 5 minutes), in fact it was equal to the pace to my eighteen-eighteen time. Plan B: The wheels in my head are turning … now, suddenly I’m on a mission to try my best to match that time … after the second interval, I knew I wasn’t quite going to make it, but it STILL didn’t stop me from continuing trying … and I came home in 18:50 … still very respectable – and combined, puts me at just over 37 minutes for the complete run … not too shabby, eh?

my eighteen-eighteen


check out the 4:28 splits – just flyin’


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