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my 2016 new year’s eve lasagna!

… saved the best for last! flying solo too. lots of work making it all come together; as the per usual run myself ragged routine. but GODDAMN… i’m worth it, so i did! parm regg, chianti riserva, olives, my best homemade bolognese (grain fed white veal + angus beef extra lean sirloin), rosemary focaccia, best italian noodles, etc. etc. – the whole 9 yards, the whole kit and caboodle, the whole shebang! y’all know me too well! oh, and even splashed on mr. burberry for the special day/eats… not only the food smells good folks!

… my apologies, table was cracked, so i nailed ‘er… shitty host, lol!

h n y … see ya in ’17 suckas!




Grilled Greek

Sometimes pics don’t do the food justice. This is one of those times. Slightly pounded, then marinated chicken breasts … grilled them over hot coals to blacken them. Also grilled the green bean, tomato, and onion salad. And yes, I know I’m feta-heavy, but I REALLY REALLY love my feta, lol. A few pics y’all!!

Salad and chicken (a few olives too) platter


Blackened chicken – love the dark grill marks


LOVE this salad


My plate – w/ grilled pita, a dollop of tzatziki


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Grilled Rainbow Trout!!

Greek style, my version at least. Bought four gorgeous fillets and laid them skin side down on heavy duty aluminum foil, seasoned them with sea salt, pepper, oregano, thinly sliced sweet onion, a bit of more seasoning, and finished by squeezing the juice from a lemon over top of it all. Using an equally sized piece of foil, I then covered it and folded the edges of both pieces together (making it airtight) and essentially created a pouch, which I threw on the hot grill. Now, while it’s more poaching, ’cause of being steamed in the pouch, I did manoever it over the hot coals to crisp the skin, as well as subtly infusing charcoal flavour … cooking it perfectly, if I do pat myself on the back saying so myself. Served with Boston lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and feta salad (and with pita bread and tzatziki – sorry, no pic), and drizzled with Acropolis (y’all must know the drill by now, lol), and you got yourself one helluva great Greek meal!


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Going Greek … again!!

It’s my go to dish … def one of my faves, and every now and then I get a must have craving that MUST be satisfied … nothing beats it, nothing!! Just a few pics/words this time, promise to go more in depth another time … plus, I have explored Greek cuisine many times before … so no complainin’ y’all, lol!! Made portabello mushroom caps (hollowed out, ribs removed/scraped – this IS key) filled with feta and caramelized onions … and when I say feta, unlike others who say feta arbitrarily, the feta I’m talking ’bout is my coveted Dodoni from Greece … the best of the best (and at $32/kg), pricier than the rest!!

‘caps grilled, then finished with a squirt of lemon + fresh oregano from my garden …

LOVE this: feta warmed throughout and slightly melted – YMFO

Remember my not wanting to delve too deeply? My handcut humongous souvlaki will be blogged about another day and another time, just not now … honest injun!!

Plated: and served with grilled pita, tzatziki and olives (both obscured, peeking out) …