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WordPress Support Sucks!

… now ya have me resorting to name calling (kinda-ish), lol!!

blogs aren’t being directed to appropriate topics, forums

… that was my search query, and still wasn’t helpful. I don’t see any other method of contacting you directly either. I only want an explanation, please help me understand how traffic is directed towards specific topics?! Thanks guys! And please, pay no attention to my blog-post title … much love, lol! 😉

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running thoughts, running musings!

Had two pretty good runs today. Must admit it wasn’t easy, but I persevered. My 4K was sub 18 minutes, which is always a good thing, but as I said, I really had to fight to get it. After walking/light jogging, and nearing my 1 mile run starting point, I said to myself, just run all six fractions evenly/equally (or, at least try to), and see what happens. Normally, for the mile … I start sprinting like a bat outta hell, trying to hang on (lung burning survive I mean, lol) till the very end. I’m thrilled I changed my strategy, I ran the mile … and, I’ll be honest – I felt as if I was jogging (at a quick pace albeit) it … and I STILL only missed my PR by 12 seconds!! One day when I’m feeling stronger, will approach my 1mile run exactly the same way as today, and I know I’ll def PR. I’m still experimenting/learning new/different things with running. And don’t forget y’all, I’m a newbienovice to the game … I’m a greenrunner, lol! :mrgreen:

pic taken between my 4K & 1mile runs


… was a beautiful, breezy, 15° sunny Sunday morning! And nope, ain’t smiling … you can’t make me, lol!