I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I heard a little girl and what she said was something beautiful

to give your love no matter what
is what she said

I love all of you
hurt by the cold
so hard and lonely too
when you don’t know yourself

my friends are so distressed
and standing on the brink of emptiness
no words I know of to express
this emptiness


Monday Morning Half Marathon!

I’ve been saying to myself for quite some time now, “one day I’m gonna go for my run, and run a half marathon”. That day never came, never came close … 12K was as far as I got. Even then, I was going through it in my mind, and I knew 100 minutes would be around my time (well, the time I wanted to achieve), but I also felt, I’d probably miss it by just a bit … and I did … 101 minutes & 3 seconds. Typically, I’m a bat outta hell type of runner, running fast from the start, so when I near home (8K), I stop. Today, I reigned in my pace from the beginning, I knew this would be the only way I’d ever run a half marathon. And at the 50 minute mark – what I perceive as the half way point, my audio cue had me at 10.64K … so I was well ahead of a sub 100 minute pace … and I kept up that pace for 13K … but as you can see from my 14K – 21K splits, I started slipping … slowly, not much … and again, at least all those splits were consistent. And check out those calories burned – 2384!!!! WHOA!!


photo 1