I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


my polite posture WP!

No ranting. No swearing. No emotion.

Just simply curious, why again – in fact the last two posts, aren’t being shown/posted under RUNNING, when I continually categorize/tag my posts properly? And, not only that, but I see other posts in the feed/thread, that really don’t have anything to do with running, but more along the lines of health/nutrition?

I take time, and effort to write my blog – I’m proud of my running stories, my accomplishments, all I ask is that they be displayed along with all the other blogger’s stories/posts with respect to RUNNING … thank you!

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Rain Day. Rest Day. No Run Day (gasp)!

My body needs it, and this is one of the ways I give it a break. I’m too stubborn to rest, even for a day … so I have to wait for a rainy morning to make the decision for me. I’m fine with it too, as I said, I need rest. Plus, I’m still on a high from yesterday’s 10K run. I did mention it was the best one, the best run I ever had at any distance … still soaking it in, reliving it … enjoying it!!

dreary day this a.m.


my awesome10K – check out my pace analysis