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my hit by a car 8K!

Finally happened. Old dude did say “sorry” … then sped off. Cocksucker! Happened at the 4.5K mark, took me about 45 seconds before I could pause my RunKeeper. My ankle hurt like hell, but when I resumed running, really didn’t feel it. NOW, it’s tightening up, and hurts even more. I’m concerned/thinking this’ll keep me outta the running game for a few days. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it feels . Something tells me I’ll be waking up with a stiff, sore, swollen, ankle. Cocksucker – pay attention to runners!

Hit by a car, 45 seconds wasted – and still a sub 37 minute 8K. Yep, happy birthday danistrulytheman!

lacerated ankle. hope it ain’t broken.


still fast.


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Happy 4th Birthday danistrulytheman!!

happy blogging-birthday danistrulytheman!

Incredibe! Four years, 1146 posts! Quite an accomplishment … if I do say so myself, lol!

Thanks for all the love & support from y’all!!

Many more too come … how can I resist? It’s been nothin’ but a good time!

… I’m gonna ride on, ride on