I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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“that is an awesome email btw” – angela

… she blurted it out – interrupting our business discussions… I love that shit, lol!! I stopped her at that moment… to grab a pen and write it down verbatim in case I forgot! Angela, you were such a lovely person/shining star when we first spoke over a week ago, I was thrilled when you answered the phone tonight! I recognized your name/voice immediately, and was happy you remembered me as well.

Weighed my financial options, I cut the cord… been w/you since ’92 too! But, these dealings of late, was the final straw! Even gave y’all a tongue lashing a few days back, warning I’d be bailing… and, now… I did! Told ya so mofos!! Bottom line, my wallet is $389 fatter for my diligence & persistence!

F U Johnny… looks like cocksuckers are all yours now Tiff… good luck!!

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my “I’m still sick as a dog run” run!

My first run in over a week! Eight days exactly … last run was Sept. 28th … I never miss more than one day (ok, maybe missed two consecutive days once or twice, but that’s it), so to be outta running commission so long tells ya how I felt. I’m still on antibiotics, and I have to go back next week for my “medical procedure” (is all I’m gonna say ’bout that), and I’ve been feeling so dragged down, so faint, so tired – now, I’m not sure if it’s the infection, or all these meds making me weak? I didn’t know what to expect today, and when I started running, after only 100m my legs felt like rubber, but I persisted. Imagine my surprise, hearing my 5:00 minute audio cue, and I was further along my route than 99% of my previous first calls! And my 2K time was my 3rd fastest ever! Don’t misunderstand, I was still weak … truth be told, I was reaching into my pocket, fumbling with my phone, and inadvertently hit stop on RunKeeper – I was planning on at least reaching the 3K mark before I stopped, so I was a bit premature, lol. Good enough!

I stood there, admiring my accomplishment (I’m still in awe, when taking everything into consideration. Plus it was very humid – my glasses were fogged up, lol). I then turned around, and jogged home – comfortably, but at a steady. A nice to be back 5K run … and it was plenty … oh, and on top of everything – I had a bird in the oven … a practice Thanksgiving turkey, and I didn’t want to be out too long ‘ncase it needed tending to, lol!

quick run


negative splits


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Sometimes the best techies aren’t the best techies!

A few days ago I was having a problem where I needed to call technical support for assistance. I must have been on (and off, he kept calling me back as well throughout the evening) for a good three hours with him. And while he was helpful, the bottom line is that he never fixed what needed fixing. Tried my luck again the following day, and this time the techie was more knowledgable than the first, he (and I) worked hard trying to solve the issue, and while he taught me a great deal (hopefully I’ll be able to use this in the future), once again … after considerable time was still left holding the bag (the empty … broken bag, as it were). Persistence is thine name danistrulytheman … no way I was gonna quit, let them off the hook … so on day three, call AGAIN with this never ending ongoing sad sack saga. After dealing with the previous two reps, immediately could sense this rep was in WAY over her head, and didn’t possess troubleshooting skills as the others. I really believed this was gonna be a waste of time, and I would try later hoping for a more tech savvy rep answering my call, but something strange and magical happened … now, I know I’m being somewhat coy, I don’t want to divulge the whole story, but she was able to do something beyond her capabilities, something the previous two were unable to … and it all has to do with knowing one’s limitations, and approaching the problem from a fresh perspective. In 20 – 30 minutes everything was in working order … she was able to come up with a solution where others weren’t! I was dumbfounded (still am to be honest), and when she came to that proverbial customer service rep line, “is there anything else we can help you with today?” … I didn’t want to hang-up, I didn’t want that good feeling to end! 😆