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Tuesday 4K w/ a selfie!

I LOVE this pace … 1 kilometer at 4:30/km!! I love running 4Ks at it, 8Ks when my body feels it, I’ve even kept the speed for 10K. NOW, if only I were able to run four consecutive 10Ks maintaining that pace (plus tacking on ten minutes for the extra 2.2 kilometers), then I’d be onto something! For the time being, dancandream, eh?



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Run Like A Kenyan, Drink Like A German!

Running & Beer Drinking! Is there anything better? God, I love you both, lol!

This may be the single best run I’ve had since I boarded TheRunningTrain. Sure, I PRed, but it was much more than that. I felt very strong throughout, even when I finished … normally I feel so winded, completely spent. Not today! I ran the first 5K in 22:57, I brought home the final 5K in 22:14! Are you f’ing kidding me? To put that in perspective; my 5K PR is 22:02. Honestly, I know having my RunKeeper set providing audio cues every minute helped. During that second half, I was determined to keep my pace at 220m per call … and I did. In fact, often covering 230m, even 240m occasionally … and anytime/every time I achieved those distances … I dug deeper, giving it all I had for the following minute, feeding off the accomplishment of my previous minute … you know what I mean? Yep, def has to be my greatest effort to date! Now … where’s my beer?!

10K – 45:12 …


Fast 5K – Faster 5K …


There you are. Well hello, good looking …