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Turkey Day Fartlek!

Thanksgiving Day today, but celebrated with family yesterday … so you know what that means … LEFTOVERS, lol! Lotsa turkey, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie. Yum!

What a beautiful Canadian autumn day today, a great day for a run, a perfect opportunity to try my hand at fartlek training. I guess you can say I’ve done it before … changing up my running. I broke it up into four separate runs. First, I ran 2K semi-fast, then 1K really fast, then another 1K even faster, and finished with a 2K that included a hill climb, and a long gradual descent. Was fun mixing it up. Even tried a new app, sorry Strava, sticking w/ RunKeeper. PLUS, it’s my nephew’s birthday today. A beautiful Canadian day indeed!

my kicks are accumulating kilometers, easily 1200K to date …


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my “I’m still sick as a dog run” run!

My first run in over a week! Eight days exactly … last run was Sept. 28th … I never miss more than one day (ok, maybe missed two consecutive days once or twice, but that’s it), so to be outta running commission so long tells ya how I felt. I’m still on antibiotics, and I have to go back next week for my “medical procedure” (is all I’m gonna say ’bout that), and I’ve been feeling so dragged down, so faint, so tired – now, I’m not sure if it’s the infection, or all these meds making me weak? I didn’t know what to expect today, and when I started running, after only 100m my legs felt like rubber, but I persisted. Imagine my surprise, hearing my 5:00 minute audio cue, and I was further along my route than 99% of my previous first calls! And my 2K time was my 3rd fastest ever! Don’t misunderstand, I was still weak … truth be told, I was reaching into my pocket, fumbling with my phone, and inadvertently hit stop on RunKeeper – I was planning on at least reaching the 3K mark before I stopped, so I was a bit premature, lol. Good enough!

I stood there, admiring my accomplishment (I’m still in awe, when taking everything into consideration. Plus it was very humid – my glasses were fogged up, lol). I then turned around, and jogged home – comfortably, but at a steady. A nice to be back 5K run … and it was plenty … oh, and on top of everything – I had a bird in the oven … a practice Thanksgiving turkey, and I didn’t want to be out too long ‘ncase it needed tending to, lol!

quick run


negative splits


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oven roasted turkey panini

… a quickie post, a few pics y’all. Thinly sliced oven roasted turkey, havarti, Boston lettuce, hothouse tomatoes, low-fat mayo and my favourite Yukon Gold potato bread. Used my Mario Batali grill pan, and made a quickie cambozola dressing for the sweet potato fries – oh, and that’s Maldon sea salt flakes too. Enjoy!!