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Rainbow Trout gone Greek!

… love, LOVE this one! May be my all time fave!

Usually use Wild Pacific Salmon, but today Rainbow trout was on sale… and truth be told, I prefer it to salmon.

My fist true Weber bbq of the season too. Grilled ’em Greek style, served whole. Greek trout burgers y’all!

Slathered w/ tzatziki, a shiteload of Dodonis feta, and heirloom tomatoes!

… sea salt wedges as a kicker! Nice!


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Greek Treat!!

… pork tenderloin souvlaki on a bed of grilled/roasted sweet onions! served w/the BEST mofo lemon potatoes of all time!! all slathered/swimming generously in pools of tzatziki!




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Ontario Asparagus – First Crop!!

… washed and ready to hit the grill … gonna finish with sweet cherry tomatoes and Greek feta … served with pork souvlaki, homemade hummus, tzatziki and grilled pita bread … yep, that’s the plan dan



Grilled Greek

Sometimes pics don’t do the food justice. This is one of those times. Slightly pounded, then marinated chicken breasts … grilled them over hot coals to blacken them. Also grilled the green bean, tomato, and onion salad. And yes, I know I’m feta-heavy, but I REALLY REALLY love my feta, lol. A few pics y’all!!

Salad and chicken (a few olives too) platter


Blackened chicken – love the dark grill marks


LOVE this salad


My plate – w/ grilled pita, a dollop of tzatziki


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Grilled Rainbow Trout!!

Greek style, my version at least. Bought four gorgeous fillets and laid them skin side down on heavy duty aluminum foil, seasoned them with sea salt, pepper, oregano, thinly sliced sweet onion, a bit of more seasoning, and finished by squeezing the juice from a lemon over top of it all. Using an equally sized piece of foil, I then covered it and folded the edges of both pieces together (making it airtight) and essentially created a pouch, which I threw on the hot grill. Now, while it’s more poaching, ’cause of being steamed in the pouch, I did manoever it over the hot coals to crisp the skin, as well as subtly infusing charcoal flavour … cooking it perfectly, if I do pat myself on the back saying so myself. Served with Boston lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and feta salad (and with pita bread and tzatziki – sorry, no pic), and drizzled with Acropolis (y’all must know the drill by now, lol), and you got yourself one helluva great Greek meal!


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Barbecued Prime Rib Roast!!

Always meant to attempt it, but never did. I lucked out with this absolutely gorgeous Sterling Silver 5 pounder (cap removed of course) from Sobeys, and knew this time I wouldn’t be deterred, full steam ahead y’all … I was a danistrulytheman on a mission. Initially thought of doing a south-western spice rub (something I’d use on bbq chicken), but with fresh herbs still going strong in my garden, opted to go Medi ‘nstead. I finely chopped oregano and thyme, along with plenty of sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper abundantly crusted the roast (after lathering generously with olive oil – Acropolis, of course, lol). And taking advantage of the butcher string, I intertwined two rosemary sprigs (which I later discarded along with the string after snipping). I served it with my famous lemon & butter potatoes (topped with caramelized onions), roasted cauliflower, feta and basil drizzled with Acropolis, tzatziki … and grilled pita bread (sorry, those pics didn’t make the cut)!! A final note; bbq rib roast KILLS … good luck getting that colour/crust in any oven … not to mention the hint of wood flavour. Only benefit of oven roasting is convenience … no muss, no fuss with temp. variations (had to remove my roast and grate to add hardwood charcoal once to maintain my temp.), throw it in and away you go (and you can go away – literally) … YES, you have to baby this … but oh my … what a baby!! 😉

A perfect rib roast …

Waiting for the Weber


Indirect cooking (1 1/2 hours or so – looking for an internal temp of 140Âș) …

Resting on my spatula/plate before carving …

A close up … LOVE the colour, the crust …

Another angle; perfect separation of meat from bones …

Sliced, bit of au jus … but only one bone (sorry, couldn’t resist gnawing, lol) …

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yellow chicken!!

OMG … been meaning to buy/try/give this a go for SOOOOO long!! I have friends in the chicken wholesale business, they’re Chinese and they SWEAR by this bird … say it’s the best bar none (I’m certain it’s more grain fed, more hormone free, more free range than anything available – and judging by the supply/demand AND price, I’m REALLY certain). Limited shipment arrives once a week (Wednesday or Thursday … if at all, some weeks … ZIP BABY!!), and customers are constantly calling (they also do a limited retail business with those in the know … and I know) in anticipation. And come early, in a matter of hours, it’s sold out city!! Unbelievably, today was my lucky day … you should hear it in there, shoppers asking specifically for gender of their choosing (apparently males have a stronger taste, females smoother and sweeter – ain’t that always the way, lol?) … never heard/knew of that in my life … AND, I was told to keep the chicken intact while cooking, to chop off/discard the head and feet AFTERWARDS only … AND this wasn’t negotiable … something about juices/flavour spilling out … if you say so – hell, who am I to argue, lol?! After purchasing … immediately in my mind figured I’d south-western spice rub it, mop it with a killer BBQ sauce to finish … but with time to make a wiser decision … and with my garden overflowing with fresh Italian parsley, 2 types of sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary and oregano, opted instead to go Mediterranean. Didnt stop to pick up groceries (normally, I’m set in case of emergencies – had potatoes and lemon), but when I got home realized I didn’t have tzatziki, keep in mind this meal SCREAMS it – I love tzatziki more than I love my kids … OK OK … it’s a coin flip, lol … and away I went … what’s good for the spuds, is good for the chicken … so important to reinforce flavours  … and later admittedly, was happy fridge was sans tzatziki … best not to bastardize my first attempt at this … and KISS!! Oh, also … didn’t go nuts on crispin’ the skin … my preferred method, not theirs … once again too much flapping lips (do chickens have lips, lol?) … my yellow chicken, potatoes, sweet onions, garlic, lemon and fresh garden herbs oozing in mouthwatering chicken drippin’ creation … enjoy!! 😉

The whole chicken (Tiff K may actually kill me using this platter, lol) …

You can see why it’s called yellow

Using my disposable BBQ-buddy pan, smart move danistrulytheman

WOW … looking good (just added the sweet onions) …

An hour (or so) later, we’re done folks …

Soup’s on y’all (with rustic potato bread too … NICE!!) …