I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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September! My Month of PR Runs!

Not that July, or August weren’t filled with good runs – they were. Seems like in September, I kicked it up a notch, and was particularly good. I set five PRs during the month … all within a nineteen day span! Plenty chuffed with myself!

Do you remember – September?

Sept. 5 – 1M – 6:23

Sept. 6 – 10K – 45:12

Sept. 14 – 5K – 21:44

Sept. 16 – 4K – 17:05

Sept. 23 – 21.1K – 1:41:03

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wascally wabbit

Saturday morning runs are fun. They’re relaxing. Last week as you may remember, I set a personal best for the halfway point – 4K, and today I set out attempting to see if I could come close to equalling it. I was running comfortably, and fairly quick. I was almost at my 2K marker running east, when I saw another runner heading north on the street I was approaching, the very intersection and direction I was would be heading … and it’s a straight 2K, and I was confident he’d continue on the same path for that reason. And more importantly … he appeared to be hauling ass! Great, I thought! I got me a rabbit!

Now, I come across many runners, but usually it’s in the opposite direction and we exchange pleasantries – runner’s etiquette … and sure, occasionally I’ll come up from behind someone … and just as quickly I’ll blow right by them. I rarely see runners who are fast. I knew this guy was one of those … he was young, in great shape … and like I said … he had plenty of pace! As, I turned the corner, he was about 80 meters in front … now keep in mind, I’m already running pretty much as hard as I can wanting a good 4K time … he became my added incentive … and also, keep in mind – he’s completely unaware I’m on his ass, and that I’m racing him! I have 2 kilometers to catch ‘n pass … and I really was confident that I would. My eyes are fixated! All I’m focusing on is him. I’m continually measuring the distance between us. As much as I tried, as hard as I ran, I was only able to shorten the distance by 30-40 meters … and time was running out. I knew I wouldn’t catch him, let alone pass him … and the whole time I was chasing him, I was in awe, and amazed at the smoothness and calmness of his running style, his stride … if I ever did approach his flank and surprise him … I felt he’d have buried me!

On a positive note, I was able to better last week’s time by a full ten seconds, a new PR … all was not lost. Thanks rabbit!



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doin’ my 10K tango!!

… ain’t shittin’ y’all, was literally dancing home those few stranded blocks when I hit “stop” after completing my 10K run!

Despite what you see, and what you may think, this IS NOT becoming a runner’s blog. It’s just that I’m in awe of what I’ve accomplished in such a short time, and am proud of my progress. Funny, after yesterday’s milestone run thought to myself since I have a great time (it’s a beautiful circuitous route starting and ending at my house – exactly 8K) under my belt, maybe next time when I’m feeling strong, will continue running and try for a 50 minute 10K. Today only three kilometers in, I was already thinking that … and thankfully because of my run yesterday, I mapped out in my mind, in my neighbourhood – to tack on those extra two kilometers. After 35 minutes (that’s another thing – I LOVE Runkeeper’s audio cues … cutting into my music, w/ time, distance, pace … keeping me updated throughout it all), I could have easily pushed hard and finished under 39 minutes eclipsing my previous best (yesterday, lol) for 8K, but I knew I had my sights on setting a solid 10K time … and I did it!! Not only was it it sub 50 minutes, it was 49 minutes (ok, 49:02) … my first ever 10K, my first EVER recorded/legitimate 10K too!!

Also, I want y’all to know I’m the antithesis of a runner (… no shit eh? What else would ya expect eh?)!! No cool gear, no tight shorts, no lululemon … I’m strictly old-school, tattered T and short shorts, lol … I run to rub it into the face of the running establishment, lol!! Check out my dress socks (I LOVE them, cotton, very thin – plus black on black w/ my Saucony Virratas fucking kills – least for my skinny motherfucking avante-garde tastes ass anyways, lol). Ok ok, I’ll tone down the daily updates … or, on second thought, maybe I won’t … is MY blog after all …

new record …


5:01 was my slowest split, SWEET


rockin’ the business man/runner look, lol …


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fifty seven point eight seconds

… lowered my mark for the third successive timed run with a personal best … 57.8 seconds. AND, finally obliterating that stubborn sub minute barrier in the process … but honestly can’t see much more improvement. I’m hopeful to go below 55 seconds eventually … even that’s a lofty goal … only time will tell!! 😉