I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

1 hour – 12.52K

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… my first one hour run for distance! Have been meaning to attempt this, giving myself something new/different to strive for. As you may know, I’m an 8K a day guy, and I do occasionally stretch out to 10K … and I have completed one 12K. I extrapolated, did the math, and knew (know) that on a good day, I’d be able to span 13K in one hour. And, on a so-so, average day would be close, but no cigar! Today was that kinda day. I started running with the one hour goal in mind, no matter my time. Unfortunately around 6 kilometers, I was ready to bail, I dunno – really wasn’t feeling strong, and was tightening up. But, I drew inspiration from this runner’s blog (I’m in awe of her – her ability, her knowledge, her training methods) I stumbled on … actually, have been perusing running blogs … and the majority of them, I have to give my head a shake reading them … now, while I don’t dare say anything on your blogs, on mine, I’ll simply say this … your attempts/efforts are terribly misguided … ’nuff said. And this from a person who only took up running three months ago, lol. So, here I am ready to pack in my attempt, but I remembered her words from earlier this morning … and I didn’t quit! I told myself – push hard for the next kilometer, and see what happens … so I did … and surprise, surprise I continued pushing hard for the remaining 25 minutes completing the hour run. Considering everything, I’m extremely pleased … and proud! :mrgreen:

twelve and a half kilometers …


Author: danistrulytheman

I'm still a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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