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the 6ix

Toronto… TO… and my new running distance! Six!

I have a perfect course, well, it’s 5.85K and I make up the rest at the end – kinda sucks. I’ll be blogging about my 6K progress, and I promise to blog only if I better it! I ran three consecutive days, and was hoping for a sub 30 minute time today… I almost made it sub 29. I have a goal of 26:30, if I get 27 minutes (was running that fast in 2013), I’ll be stoked, but will continue pushing to go faster. It’s good to have goals… funny, as I was running Saturday, a elderly woman yelled out, “reach your goals”, as I was approaching her. I blew past her, and yelled back, “you betcha”! Great getting inspiration from unexpected people/places!

my sub five splits:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 1.43.38 PM



I’ve been looking at my Running Records. My 2013 Running Records. At every record I set/accomplished occurred in 2013. And being a firm believer of setting goals, and the benefits gained chasing them … today – March 2 … I am determined to run a 10K in 44:44. And I will, believe me … I will ... fortyfourfortyfour here I come! Last year’s best time was 45:08. I REALLY REALLY wanted to run 45:00 (or a sub forty-five minutes)!

Missed it by that much … thanks Max!!

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hitting the 8K road again!

Running is hard! It’s very hard when you haven’t trained, for whatever the reason. It’s very hard to put on your gear and head out the door. I had two goals in mind after what amounts to being unable to run for the past eleven days. I wanted to complete my 8K run without stopping, and I wanted to establish a good pace from the 1st kilometer, and keep it till the end. I wasn’t looking for anything near my PR. I wanted to run, non-stop at a fairly fast pace. I did it. I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy … running at times takes so much mental strength, as well as physical conditioning. I’d rank today’s run as one of my best ever, especially with all of my adversities of late. I’m hoping with better health, and good weather, my training will continue uninterrupted.


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I AM The Running Man!!

It’s not a tumour … apologies Arnold (twice, lol). Just chuffed as fuck with my back to back 8K record runs! Went out running this morning without any thoughts/expectations/goals, knew I was moving well/comfortably … and at the 25 minute audio cue, I suddenly became highly motivated – I think I was EXACTLY where I was for yesterday’s record run … but I also knew I was about to better it! Today, with under 3 kilometers to run, I felt much stronger than during yesterday’s run … and while I was so proud of yesterday’s 35 minute audio cue – 7.78 kilometers … today, I was filled with anticipation (and giddiness, lol) as I neared my marker, listening intently for it in my earbuds … 7.83 kilometers …170 meters more, 24 hours later – a new 8K PR … HOLLA Y’ALL!! :mrgreen:

13 seconds faster. Sweet!


final 4K – 17:42. Sick!


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52 days – 427 kilometers!

… didn’t know what to title this post. Had a whole bunch of thoughts, things to say, figured it was as good a blogpost title as any. Today I tallied my RunKeeper numbers and this is what I’ve accomplished since I started running (took up running, to be precise) May 14th … and I ran for 25 consecutive days – 202 kilometers. I’ve only missed two days since I began. Unbelievable! Currently, I’m on a 20 day streak … riding it out as long, as far as I can.

… today was another good Saturday run, was running crazy fast from the get-go … 1.13K after 5 minutes, 2.3K after ten minutes … but at my fifteen minute cue, slipped a bit (1.08K), and I felt a 4K PR was gonna be too close for comfort, think I started panicking/tightening up … so I bailed, and clicked “stop” … a mere minute and a half away from my marker (douce-bag personified … I know) … and in 52 days of running, I’ve NEVER quit running hard to my halfway point. I was proud of that. That’s what I love about my circuit. Every step towards my 4K mark takes me further and further from home … and after those 18-19 minutes have elapsed … every step conversely leads me home. I run hard without any back-up plan, no one’s saving my sorry-old-ass … after hitting my halfway point, I know I gotta run home!

… I was on pace to equal my 17:45 PR


… a 4:19K split – my FASTEST ever


… days before my May 14th life changing day, I was getting into a groove, was waking up early, driving to my local high-school, and running laps ’round their track. Thing is, I was running in regular shoes, walking shoes … bullshit shoes, lol … what a joke I was. That’s when we went running shoe shopping. I had no idea of the brand variety, or of the assortment available … it was mind-blogging looking at that huge wall of shoes. Plus, this sports store was offering “buy one pair, get an equally or lesser priced pair for half price” on this weekend, so as you can imagine, the place was rammed. It was all I could to to commandeer a sales associate for assistance. I tried on a few pairs … keep in mind, I’m a novice, not really knowing what to look for. I do know fit and comfort are important, also I wanted a light shoe … but I wasn’t quite there yet in my selection process. After a few pairs, I was walking around (bouncing happily, lol) in my Saucony Virratas … I couldn’t believe the snugness, the way they felt … it was incredible. Oh, also the store’s busyness worked in my favour … it gave me time to do last minute reviews on my phone before purchasing … I had no idea what minimalist – zero drop shoes where, lol?! Also, I was becoming increasingly exhausted with the whole process – continually trying to get my sales associate’s attention (since he was dealing with many customers at once), then having him going to the stock-room and bringing out different shoes for me to try. I was just SO incredibly happy with the Sauconys, I just told him to give me two of the same … why bother looking for a different brand for variety’s sake I figured, I loved them! I was done! Side-note: Making this deal even better, two weeks later, went back for a price adjustment – which they weren’t obligated to honour, but for me they did, lol … lowering the price again – it’s sick what they cost. Recently am reading runner’s blogs … where I see buying/trying different brands/shoes appears the thing to do. Perhaps. Maybe I’m not there yet, it’s NEVER crossed my mind for that matter. As I’ve said, I couldn’t be more happier. I’ve always been blessed with good feet … nay, beautiful feet! Good circulation – no callouses, no bunions, no ingrown toenails, no problems whatsoever … if there’s an equivalent to having priest’s hands … it applies to my feet, lol! After 52 days – 427 kilometers of pavement pounding, and close examination of said soft tootsies (not even a single blister) … can proudly/thankfully say, it’s as if I’ve haven’t started running at all, haven’t ran a single day, a single kilometer … let alone four-twenty-seven-emm-effing-kay!!

LOVE LOVE these – hardly look used


… second (brand new) pair, still in the box


… remaining thoughts: Can’t help but notice, I’ll be awfully close to having run a total of 500 kilometers by July 14!! My first two months running span. Yep, chuffed!!

… future goals: Achieving PRs – 4K, 8K, 10K, is obviously always there. But, after today’s PR pace per kilometer achievement – 4:19 … I know a 4 minute kilometer is in my sights. Also, I wanna achieve a distance PR for 20 minutes … on a perfect day, 4.6K is mine for the taking (I’m realistic, at the moment, I know a 20 minute, 5K is still a dream). I want that! I know I’ll want that 20 minute 5K too … one day eventually I’ll get it … one day!!