I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Paula Dean Def Ain’t Doin’ No Better!!

… especially now, lol! Ok ok, joking … so lighten up!

… well, at least not healthier … that’s for motherfucking sure!!

Organic quinoa salad w/ chick peas, yellow bell pepper, tossed w/ a quick as you please whisked freshly squeezed lemon & minced garlic dressing


Blackened Steelhead trout w/ fresh garden herbs & grilled red onion


AND blackened skin, blackened skin y’all! Much to delicate to attempt flippin’ on the grill. Cook on indirect high heat, and when you see it start to ooze its juices, that’s your cue – have your fish spatula at the ready … nothing worse than overcooked fish!

“overcooked fish is a sin” – danistrulytheman 

… now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout


… something tells me this’ll even be better tomorrow served cold straight from the fridge – LOVE that!!

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on an avocado roll

my latest helping-my-sorry-old-ass-body kick that I’m on. loaded with lots of the good stuff. a quickie google search, and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout Willis!! today I made sammies on Italian rolls; leftover chicken, red onions, hothouse tomatoes, havarti … and my new superfood friend, the avocado. reheated rice and potatoes (more leftovers – waste not want not) served on the side and bob’s yerfuckin uncle. a coupla pics y’all. :mrgreen:

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1.eggs scrambling 2.loaded with lotsa good stuff 3.carefully slid and folded from pan to plate so top meets bottom

My best attempt avoiding the “O” word in my title, lol. Can’t help myself, on another omelette roll of late … damp, wet weather puts me in the mood for stick to my ribs food. This always hits the gut-filling spot … prolly be doubling (or tripling) down with that ragin’ bitch Sandy unleashing her fury … already felt that cold wind firsthand *shivers*. Now? I’m hunkered down!! A few pic y’all. 😉

havarti, ham, cremini, tomato, red onion omelette & hash browns w/toasted English muffin

some shrooms showing through the eggs – LOVE IT

almost done y’all

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plank salmon pics

Yesterday’s sunny and unseasonably warm 19°C permitting a late October BBQ was just what the doctor ordered, the perfect cure for stopping the dizziness … getting off this spinning ride called life. Food truly is love, it soothes the soul … two Atlantic Salmon filets quickly marinated with olive oil, red onion, dill, parsley, sea salt & black pepper … skin side down on a water soaked (for a few hours) cedar plank and into my hot and ready Weber, shutting the lid and patiently allowing it to make magic. Squirted freshly squeezed grilled lemon juice after plating … a glistening finish. Almost gives the appearance of smoked salmon, but it’s VERY moist and tender … AND pink inside. Please folks, NEVER overcook it – it’s a sin against salmon. My planked salmon … kerplunked!!

folded newspaper protects the plate from the charred plank …

you can see that a little bit o’ that pink I’m talking ’bout …

saved the best for last … yep, def pink …