I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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fed up to the gills!

Just asking again … ARGHHH! Had this written ready to send … somewhere in WP SUPPORT re upgrades, but am posting here instead! It ain’t snippy … is it?!?!

yeah, sure i wanna upgrade … spend some of my hard earned cash, help my blog along the way. thing is, i’m unimpressed with wp not directing many of my blogposts to specifically targeted topics, and more unimpressed with wp non-responding to simple queries wondering why?

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Zippy 4K!

I needed it! I’d a rough go of late, with missed training and illness, it really has been a struggle. Today’s run was reconfirmation!

After my fast 4K accomplishment, jogging home at a relaxed, comfortable pace finishing up my running, was in order. Near the end, I was waved down by an old lady using a walker thingie with wheels. She was looking for an address, I offered help, but with her advanced age, and needing assistance walking … and more importantly knowing she’d have about 1 kilometer more to go pushing, supporting herself on that old-fogey stroller thingie, I asked, “how far can you go?” … “as far as I have to” was her speedy smiling reply. You go grandma, I thought, lol! And, not one to miss an opportunity, she took a moment to solicit me with some religious crap (pamphlet/literature). Naturally, I took it and thanked her kindly … I didn’t want her to think that her long life spent peddling fantasies were in vain!

map to heaven – just what I need, lol …


happy w/ the sub 18 … not so much with lengthening splits …