I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Perfect Day In Paradise!!

God we’ve been blessed with the best temps lately … lows of 10° and highs of 20° … ideal for sleeping, yet not hot during the day … and today was a not-a-cloud-in-the-sky-clear-blue-sky-day … I love it!!

Ok, this blogpost is one of those all over the fucking place posts … fair warning!

I had a lot of shit on my plate today … good shit though … I went and got a physical today, first time I’ve had a physical in I don’t know how long I’ve had a physical, lol … weighed in at 73kg – 160lb … I don’t think I’ve been that weight since I was a teen-ager … and how excited do you think I was ready to spill the beans, divulging to the Doc ’bout my 8K mornings … no way I was gonna refrain from telling him that, lol … and yeah, the good doctor was impressed, and by my weight … the changes in my life – will get to that, be patient (pun, lol) as well!

Oh, and this early morning’s 6:30 run turned into a 10K’er … and I responded with a PR of 48 minutes – one full minute faster than before …



I’m proud that I was under 5 minutes on every single kilometer split … in fact, I was very, very consistent throughout – my slowest (KM 9) was only 10 seconds off pace … I think I was reserving energy while waiting for the 45 minute audio cue, leaving something in the tank for the final surge … OH, and also (forgot to mention) … I’ve been going out nightly with Tiff for her 5.3 km walks … and lemme tell y’all they ain’t exactly easy, they take a toll on my body as well. Lately, I’ve been a 12 hour run/walk cycle … like clockwork!

And all these changes I mentioned; flaxseed, hemp seed, edamame, Greek yogurt, Rainbow Trout (not new, but more of it), organic pre-washed baby kale (and spinach) … I know I’m missing many … the point is I’m eating/living better! Since we got the Vitamix, we’ve both been doing incredibly better – in fact for one week straight, we were using it four times daily (Tiff with her Harley body reset diet, and me with my own thing) … even now, it’s two or three times a day, and right now, it’s been only for smoothies, healthy smoothies … but still, we’re def getting our money’s worth!

Things are going great lately with all of this, the running (and walking), the healthier diet … I’m just chuffed as fuck with it all … today was a perfect day in my paradise, and I thought I’d share!!

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Tiff’s Vitamix Haul!!

… y’all!! All from Costco. Picked up frozen mangoes, AND pineapple chunks (said, she read about them on my friend’s blog – thanks for the tip), AND she was lucky to get some more Chia (she sprinkles that shit on EVERYTHING, lol) … stuff is pricey too, bag cost almost $18, ain’t even organic like what we have on hand, AND the golden organic flaxseed I bought which is organic was only $2.99/lb … add this to our frozen bananas and strawberries, as well as apples (we ALWAYS have apples in the house) and dates, PLUS whatever else we buy during the week, I’d say we’re all set … it’s all smoothie sailing from here …





Almond Milk?!

… I barely believe it myself … danistrulythealmondmilkman, lol?!?! Snagged some organic golden flaxseed, and Tunisian Dates too … PLUS, more fun purchases to come! I will fess my ignorance re: almond milk … when I poured some into my Vitamix, was a clear liquid – like water … didn’t have a clue, didn’t see the SHAKE WELL BEFORE SERVING on the carton … what a fucking doofus, lol!! 😳

here’s the proof …