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Ontario Asparagus – First Crop!!

… washed and ready to hit the grill … gonna finish with sweet cherry tomatoes and Greek feta … served with pork souvlaki, homemade hummus, tzatziki and grilled pita bread … yep, that’s the plan dan


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grilled asparagus!!

Was doing my thang shopping up a storm at my Fortinos and knew asparagus was on sale for $1.79/lb (as a side note, am amused it’s one of the few “bunched” veggies priced by weight, not by bunch … even though IT IS bunched, lol?! ‘Sup with that?), so I did a walk-by and was surprised and excited to find one outta the lot that was thinly stalked (thinner is better btw, avoid thick ass ones like the elephantitis plague), and I’m talking pencil thin here, so I snagged ‘n bagged them along with my other groceries. On that topic, Tiffany K was riding my ass (hard, lol) wanting me to buy this new PC product … comes in six flavours and every time I looked, the ONLY was not to be found was the one she wanted … evidently everybody else had a hankering for it as well … but as you can see (but not taste – too bad, is VERY good) success at last. Enjoy the pics y’all!!

PC Sofrito:

A couple of New York Strips and strung piquante sausages … startin’ gettin’ their char on!! Asparagus patiently awaits:

My grilled Vidalia onion, poblano pepper relish … jar THAT PC, lol:

… and not to boast, but DAMN motherfuckers … shit’s the bomb … great with burgers, sausages, eggs … OMG love LOVE it in omelettes and frittatas!!

Plated … finally! A feast fit for Tiffany K & danistrulytheman:

And the best part (as always, lol) … leftovers!! A bit of a change-up (or is that curveball, lol?) A quick steak and sausage stir-fry, along with my onion/poblano mix (marries together so beautifully, can’t begin to tell ya how good it is), steamed the asparagus, poached two eggs lightly (I’m talking running yokes folks) and freshly grated (coarsely) parm-regg as a finishing touch … AND a dollop of Sofrito, AND sliced hothouse tomatoes to boot, LOL!!: