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25 days – 200 kilometers!!

… consecutive days I should add, 8K everyday! Not to mention the occasional nightly 3-4K walks with Tiffany K … not even counting those. That was gonna be my blog entry, the days and distance … but something remarkable happened on the 25th day, I recorded my best time ever. And not by a bit, by a lot, I obliterated my previous best (39 minutes) by a whopping 1 minute and 18 seconds! Gonna email my personal trainer and tell him that’s all I’ve got to give and not to expect anymore (private joke, lol)! To put it in perspective, my single best 1K split was 4:42 … today I ran the whole 8K AVERAGING 4:42 … I know, insane, eh? Friday Morning Run June 7, 2013  RunKeeper stats y’all!!

map blotted for privacy reasons …


my 8K splits …


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fifty seven point eight seconds

… lowered my mark for the third successive timed run with a personal best … 57.8 seconds. AND, finally obliterating that stubborn sub minute barrier in the process … but honestly can’t see much more improvement. I’m hopeful to go below 55 seconds eventually … even that’s a lofty goal … only time will tell!! 😉