I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Love My Miller Time!!

… and no, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout beer (well, not necessarily, lol). I haven’t imbibed in the High Life for SOOOOO long, I couldn’t even begin telling you when last I did (I can’t count that high, lol)! But, I do love my Miller family, despite seldom gettin’ chances to see ’em!!

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rolling my “R”s!!

Listening to the greatest Maybe I’m Amazed version (on rdio – on repeat too) … from the Back in the U.S. album … w/my Grado cans cranked! I love it when Paul rolls his “R” (coolest part) … takes me back a million years when my father was teaching us Russian (un-coolest part). He thought Russian for real, and rolling “R”s is necessary/integral in its language … but I could never do it! I just couldn’t! And the more he showed (showed off) his ability to do so, the more I struggled with my lack of being able to. Thanks for the great song Paul … not so much reminding me of the douche-bag-dad I had!!

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oh … Dear, Prudence … virtue is missing!

at times (more often than not) … my fat mouth keeps my skinny ass squirmishing!

my personal 50 years ago tribute, w/my fave Beatles song!

the sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you

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had ya bumbling at, “hello, this is Dan”!!

… felt SOOOOO fucking GOOOOOD … stickin’ to my guns, havin’ ya at a loss for words!! Must say, so proud of myself; keeping my professionalism, my demeanor intact! Oh, and a Sohail shout-out; constantly pushing me, insisting I push too. Thanks, motherfucker!! Much love good friend!! 😎

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Sohail in stitches at Starbucks!!

He was bustin’ up as I regaled him w/stories of my fucked-up life, was NO WAY this shit could be anything but true! And, no we weren’t la di da latte-ing it up … I was relaxing, reading mags at the sharesies Chapters while waiting for him to arrive. And, after our visit … he had to take a leak! That’s the extent of the coffeehouse tie-in!

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I’ve had a hell of a time since I went away

All dreams have died, along the way
I coughed up the price, I bought a cage
I’ve had a hell of a time since I went away
Don’t know when I died, or where to lay down

Gone, gone away
Yeah gone, gone away

God knows I’ve tried, I’m dyed in pain
Strong yet simple drive, the freedom to say
I’ve had a hell of a time since I went away
Homing on traces of light, that distance fades

Yeah I’m gone, gone away
Yeah I’m gone, gone away

So they say with time, we slowly heal
I caught a flash of your smile, through the fog of a dream
I’ll have a hell of a time, I clearly see
I can’t be by your side, I’ll see you when I sleep

Now you’re gone…gone away
Yeah you’re gone…gone away

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my baby footprint!

Doing my part, trying to make less of an environmental impact! That’s ALL my garbage!! That small, tiny, lonely bag. That’s it!! One week’s worth for the family … ok, it’s just the two of us (♫ ♬ we can make it if we try ♫ ♬), but very impressive nonetheless! On a related note (kinda?), I cancelled my landline, and while it impacts me more than the environment, it’s still another step forward. Must say, it’s the smartest move ever – woulda done it sooner, Tiff was the holdout, lol!



looks like I gots me a bunch of disrespecting douchebag followers!!

… 170 d-baggers!! Not pullin’ punches, but hey … I never did. You’re lame, motherfucking lame … the lot of ya! Go fuck yourselves! Better yet … quit  … QUIT ME … P-L-E-A-S-E!! 

… over 1300 blogposts, over 4 years devoted! Don’t y’assholes forget that either!!

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hear ye hear ye: 1301posts, 1601days!

a succinct shout-out y’all!

a tearful and heartfelt, payin’ my bloglivin’ dues milestone moment!

def deserving of MANY slap-on-the-back-congrats … Spoonman!

all my friends are brown and red

… both are primes too … but of course, lol! 😛

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“I ain’t no barista, but …” – danistrulytheman

… all I wanted was my drink sans any problems! Same as I get all the time at all the other Starbucks! My Grande extra hot no foam no water chai latte!! Why must simple things become complicated?? Thinking out loud – never mind. Thanks Marina for expeditiously responding and resolving my issues, as well as for the two freebie drink (any size -woohoo) coupons. Er, kinda resolving I should say … now have customer service rep Michelle on the case lending a helping hand … w/another drink coupon being sent my way, lol! Like I said during our conversation, I never call about all the good experiences, I really wish I never had to contact/call you ’bout the bad … gratis coffee/tea or not!


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from the shit house to the white house!!

Talking ’bout my good friend *wink wink* Jeff R. (not his real name) and his newfound status. Kiss that crap goodbye, welcome to the high life! Well, ‘cept for that fucked up mess (def ain’t a pretty sight – I can personally attest) constantly sucking the life outta ya! I feel for you my brother! Soldier on motherfucker, soldier on!!