I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

linguine piccolo w/ barese sausage

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2 kinds; pork w/ lamb and cheese, and pork w/ beef – spicy too!

… the eye-talian in me!



and natas!

… the portugues in me!



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6K + 6K

Yesterday + today! First time I ran in 13 days… worked 11 of the last 14 days – over 110 hours… good for the pocketbook, not so much for fast times on the pavement. Still getting shortchanged by Garmin, not that it matters (just sayin’), need new satellites tracking me. Times are well off 27 minutes of my old form, but I’ll take them. Actually, feels so good/refreshing using running muscles, even if only on the weekend. Hoping for 2 more good runs next weekend… then the following weekend, I’m off to Vancouver!! I can’t believe it’s almost here… am so stoked, can’t wait!


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ta ta teeter!

… so long roger! knew my first ad asking for a yard was too much. reposted yesterday, and today settled for half a yard! better than a kick in the arse, especially knowing no one wants these fecking things!

… shite! wish i snapped a pic of it stuffed into dude’s pontiac aveo, lol!


… oh, and other awesomeness news; today boss says, tomorrow is pizza friday!!

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cold winter comfort food!

Rich and creamy homemade lentil noodle soup! Served along w/ preservative free Black Forest Ham & Canadian Edam on a COBS bun sandwich! Good, healthy eats on a frigid Canadian winter day!


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healthy eats!

… I know I was posting last year some ‘o this good stuff … healthier foods/drinks etc., that w/ my running became an integral part of whom I am in the here and now … my, in the grand scheme of things effort becoming a healthier (better too) human if you will! Tiff found the recipe on one of her many foodie sites; is the second time I’ve made it this week. I love salads, especially tasty-good-for-you-salads … chick peas, lentils, radishes … drizzled & tossed w/ a lemon, dill, dijon, garlic,¬†vinaigrette … so mothereffing awesome!!

… a coupla pics, y’all!!




3 runs 3 runs 3 runs – yes sir!

… 5.94K – 27:04 minutes! I’ll take it – was a great day for a run, blue skies and cool, albeit a bit breezy by the lake for my liking. Don’t know what to make of my runs lately, I don’t necessarily feel strong yet, not like last year … but my pace doesn’t indicate that?! Funny; my final run, saw a strong runner approaching, so I waited and let him pass – allowing him a generous lead, then took off following. Was never my intention to pass, just to keep pace – but surprisingly was quickly on his heels and knowing I’d be stopping shortly, wasn’t about to pass showing him up. BUT he veered off onto a parallel path – THEN, I figured all bets were off – all’s fair in love and running … so I kicked it into high gear for my remaining 400 meters, intentionally giving him a periphery of speedy danzoles, lol!!


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speed run?!

Finally showing some speed! And you know how you can’t always tell how fast you’re running? I was well past my road marker waiting for the 5 minute audio cue, and I ran for another 5-10 seconds before it came. My distance was 1.10 kilometers so I decided to push. I knew it’d mean a shorter run, I had to run back home, so it’s still a 5K + run … and, it was freezing cold, so I was happy to be finished!